ASN blocked but still getting traffic from them. How to block it it?

I was getting bot traffic from and similar ip addresses {never the same ips} spectrum. I found and blocked the ASN AS11427 using the tool I am still getting traffic from them. Hows that possible? Does it mean ASN cant be blocked at all. Is there any other way to get them blocked?

How are you getting this IP? In your logs, are you logging REMOTE_ADDR or the HTTP header http_cf_connecting_ip? Also, how did you block this ASN, was it in the CF Dashboard or somewhere else?

I use to get these logs. The site is with blogspot. I blocked it using firewall rules under ASN. The logs shows ips hitting site originating from the blocked ASN. I am not sure about the REMOTE_ADDR or the HTTP header http_cf_connecting_ip thing as I am not pro in technical stuff.

Since it is running in blogspot server, is there any way to only allow cloudfare ips to go through. I searched everywhere but could not find a way.

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