ASN API use always get "code":10000,"message":"Authentication error"

Hi guys,

i’m trying to use the asn overview page by python requests, but even if i use a token generated with all the reading access i always get the above error.

Where am i wrong?

As “account_id” i use the id that i found after having validated the token from the cURL.


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You should use

"Authorization": "Bearer {token}".


"X-Auth-Email": "EMAIL"
"X-Auth-Key": "XXX"

Not both.

If using the token, then it needs to have Account : Intel : Read permissions.

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Hi! Thanks for the answer! Unluckily in both cases, i get the same authentication error again, even with intel: read permission :frowning:

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Are you the superadmin on the account? Is it the same account you are using here? If not, lmk and I will kick off a private note asking for details.

hi @cloonan , thanks! yes i’m using the same account as here, so i think it’s a “super admin” account

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Thank you & sorry, can you give it a try in incognito mode? I made some adjustments that I :crossed_fingers: think will help. If not and you keep getting the error, can you create an Account ticket and share your ticket number here?

You can open an Account ticket here,