Asking to open a ticket?

I am writing to request urgent assistance to resolve an issue that recently occurred with my domain, which I purchased through Cloudflare.

Recently, I acquired a new domain and successfully configured it on Cloudflare. The website was working as expected and meeting my needs. However, I made a mistake by accidentally clicking on the “Remove this site from Cloudflare” option in my control panel. I immediately realized the error and attempted to re-add the site. However, it is currently in a “pending nameserver” status.

I urgently need this situation to be corrected, and my site to be restored to its previous functional state. I apologize for my haste and hope that you can help me address this matter.

I appreciate your prompt attention to this issue. If you require any further information, I am available to provide all necessary details.

The domain in question is


Please open a Support Ticket, as this is a Registrar issue, and they’ll need to reset your name servers.


I see your ticket 3018034 @rbrsbo and have flagged it for my colleagues in Support.


Hey there @rbrsbo

I have reached out on your ticket and escalated this accordingly. Please feel free to reach back out here if you have any further questions - alternatively, you can reach me directly on your ticket also :slight_smile:


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