Asking for help with cyber security

Hi :wave: cloudflare communities. For more than 2 years me and my family have been hacked multiple times. We have been consistent with keeping our data ect up-to-date with all our devices. And I have contacted Google ect but I don’t get any response from everyone I have contacted. It’s physically mentally and emotionally exhausting and it’s really ruining my life. Dear community any help or advice will be much as mired and appreciated thank you :wave:

I recomend buying a secure and privacy first Device like licensed SailfishOS MobilePhone
with AlienDalvik support to set the Permisions for each APP.

There is nothing better at the moment.

Here you can Buy Open Software Mobile Phones like
Sony Xperia X Phones with Preinstalled SailfishOS !

I’m sorry to hear about your struggles. Unfortunately, I don’t think Cloudflare has much to offer in the way of personal OpSec services. There are resources out there, though, such as this:

Hi thank you for your support and information :cowboy_hat_face: my cloudflare account doesn’t recognise my account Gmail and password. I tried 6 times and then cloudflare confirm that they don’t seem to have my account Gmail and password. Even though they sent me 6 link’s to confirm. Plus I have made a brief profile. This is really starting to frighten me. I don’t know why I’m being targeted by crazy hacking cyber criminals. I and my family don’t have any privacy. But I appreciate your help and support :wave:

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