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Can I PLEASE have my domain,, returned to me, and close my Cloudflare account {redacted}. That is all I ask please someone help. . . . If I am allowed to have the auth code for I should be able to change that myself via new registrar, however auth code not available to me via my current Cloudflare account.

that site is active on cloudflare, but not in your account. Can you share a bit of background for the request? (Sorry, but I am not sure I understand why you are asking about a site that is active in a different account.)

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Thank you for your response ! I have had many troubles with Cloudflare and please all I want is 1) let me move my domain to by allowing me to have transfer auth, and 2) let’s close this account for now, and maybe I will try to learn Cloudflare later on. I am not a programmer and not fluent in understanding Cloudflare.

Thank you, David {redacted}

@advertbenefits if that is your domain, then you have added it into a different account than you are using on this site. I can see that it is pending in your account here and in a different account; could you have attempted to add the zone to multiple different accounts/emails? To gain control of the zone/communicate with Support whatsoever, you need to contact Support from the email that has the active zone. When you receive a reply, respond and indicate you need the ticket sent to the Registrar team in order to move the registration. And, share the ticket number here so that I can follow-up with the team, please.

If you don’t recall that email/cannot access that email, you should still contact Support as suggested from the email you are using here. To contact Support

  • To contact Cloudflare Customer Support from the account that holds the active zone, login & go to and select get more help.

  • To contact Cloudflare Customer Support from some other account that we cannot verify as the zone owner, email support AT cloudflare DOT com.

  • Either way you contact them, respond as suggested above.

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