Asking cloudflare to make an A record

I need a A record the points to a cloudfront uri
Of course I can’t create an A record in the console without an IP address.

Will cloudflare support make an A record pointing to an url

“A” records are IP address only. A CNAME will let you point to a hostname, but not a full URL.

I know but AWS post this If you aren’t using Route 53 for DNS address resolution, then you need to have your DNS service provider add the alias target from the previous step as an alias for your user pool custom domain. Your DNS provider will also need to set up the subdomain for your custom domain.

Waiting for a reply to my request for support to makes an A record pointing to a cloudfront uri

Thanks for ignoring my request, I guess that answers my question.

Hi @tech19,

As @sdayman said, an A record needs to point to an IP address. If you want it to point to a hostname, it’s a CNAME you want. We are not Cloudflare Support and neither we nor they can/will create a record for you, you need to do this yourself in the dashboard.

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I’m stuck at the same issue. Were you able to resolve this?