Asked by Server Host to Change A Record at Cloudflare?

Hi All, I am a little confused by the Cloudflare system, I have been told by my server host that I need to install a plugin on my server to use Cloudflare ? I then read information stating that I only need to change dns server names ?
My Server host also asked me to ask Cloudflare to change the A Record ?

Any clarification please this is all New to me

Best regards

Cloudflare basically sits in front of your web server to provide DDOS protection and other features:

If possible, could you post the exact wording your server host said? It can mean a few different things to “change the A record”, so their exact wording would help us out with what their intention is.

Hello they simply asked me to changed the A Record your end to
I am a little confused why they have to install a plugin on the server ? they also mentioned they would need a licence key ?
From your website having read a little it states I only need to change my domains dns server addresses to yours ?
Thanks for getting back to me much appreciated

If you are already using Cloudflare to host your DNS all you need to do is update the record they asked you to update. No need to install a plugin or anything else. So whatever record they want you to change the value for change it to the value they gave you. If the record is :orange: you won’t see a change in public DNS because Cloudflare is proxying it. but it will point to the origin they specified.


My guess would be they meant by plugin mod_remoteip.

Hello, to be honest they appeared to have little knowledge regarding Cloudflare, from they explained it was definately a plugin that they could install on my hosted server, I sent them your reply where a plugin was not required and they agreed that it was no longer required, just one last question, what is the difference between the Free and the paid versions.
Best regards and thanks

Can you get them to clarify what that plugin should be used for?

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