Ask for help: How to custom page 403 Ban IP


I’m sorry for my bad English.

I don’t understand how we can customize a page for the 403 error. I still have this error: Custom error preview failed
Status code 500 received while fetching template from. Please have an example in HTML to share with me? I would like to personalize my 403 page.

thank you so much

Are you on a paid Cloudflare plan for this website? (Pro or above?) I think you need a Pro subscription on the website to customize those pages, but it’s confusing so I’m not sure.

The Custom Pages options exist in two places that act differently:

If you go to Dashboard > Account Home > Configurations > Custom Pages - it looks like you can use custom pages for free.

But if you go to the dashboard of your free website and click the ‘Custom Pages’ icon, it shows that you need at least a Pro subscription for all options (and Enterprise plan for one option). If I click the same Custom Pages icon on a website with Pro subscription, I can add my html there.

If it’s not a subscription problem, it could be that Cloudflare is having trouble communicating with the URL entered. Check the server logs or try hosting the html page somewhere else. (It can be a temporary location, because it will be copied to Cloudflare anyway).

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