Ask: Cost effective strategies in using CDN Cloudflare for serving video files

Hi All,

Sorry, are there any advices perhaps you can share for me to manage the CDN of Cloudflare cost effectively in terms of app i need to serve video files ?

  • to be more cost effective in terms of serving video files with CDN Cloudflare, what should i check / take notes with my app itself / the files i purposely want to cache ?
  • i read somewhere in this forum for example mp4 files aren’t cached by default
  • also there’s seems no update news regarding R2 object storage - if perhaps i can use that for my purpose in the app ?
  • Assuming the videos file will get bigger / grow, do you think instead rely on CDN Cloudflare is it more wise if i implement such a media server (like using R5 / wowzaa)

Appreciate your help & many thanks in advance,

They are cached by default, but if you are serving lots of video then you’ll want to make sure they’re not being cached and instead served from a unproxied domain (if you’re not using a product like Stream or Workers KV/R2).

You can use R2 for storing non-HTML content.

(iii) Workers KV, Durable Objects, and R2, storage offerings used to serve HTML and non-HTML content.


Thanks for the feedback, if im not mistakenly if let say we got a lot of videos and the traffic high in one day the enterprise account cache need to be used isnt ?

Assuming if i put the data on the R2

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