Ask Cloudflare where A record points

My site hosting has come up for annual renewal with Siteground. After speaking with them they said, check with Cloudflare where the A record points. How can I find the answer?

In the Cloudflare Dashboard, there’s a DNS section for your domain. That will have the IP address for your website.

Thanks for your help.
I’ve changed my hosting on renewal to a lesser service but still with Siteground. They have sent me new DNS records which I have installed on Cloudflare. I’ve also received a new IP address. I am not sure if that needs to be inserted on Cloudflare’s dashboard as well? They said: please make sure to point your DNS records to the new IP address as soon as possible. You can make this change at your current registrar/DNS host.
I am thinking that Cloudflare is the DNS host, so where do I insert the new IP address?

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