Ask about the port forwarding for free subscription

Hi everyone,

I wanna ask about the port forwarding rules for free plan.

I’m using a free plan of Cloudflare for my websites and I want to forward a non-https/http port for my services and I find the documentation [here](

According to the doc, it seems that even free plan can have some pre-defined ports forwarded (e.g. 2052). And it seems that such ports are not specified as https/http. But I tried the named port and the forward is not successful.

Therefore I want to ask if I’m understanding the documentation wrong? Is that only possible to use the paid version or should I have some specific setup to do so? Thanks.


These are http or https ports as specified in the previous 2 collapsed sections of the documentation in your screenshot.

Yes, thank you for your reply. But I want to forward a non-https/http port. A tcp port more specifically. I think this corresponds to the section I un-collapsed. Is that I misunderstooded?

Yes you have misunderstood.

Cloudflare offers Spectrum as a service to proxy non-HTTP traffic.

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