Ask about the IP address in question

Do you know about this IP address?
This site accesses my web with HTTP1 Windows NT very often.
Is this IP of Oracle or is it an Oracle bot?
If you know please tell me thanks.

According to this site, that IP is a part of Oracle cloud, either belong to a vm or other oracle service.
This isn’t a question about Cloudflare though.

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sorry for this.
As the security log on CF notes that this IP address accesses many lanes of my web.
I don’t know if this IP is good or bad.
Should I stop it?

The IP is used by Oracle’s Cloud, same as if it was an AWS or Azure IP. As for the reputation, it is hard to say you can’t really judge an IP without some context about what it is doing. It could be Oracle doing something, or someone using Oracle to do something. Whether to block it is your call and you are the best to known if a connection to your site from a cloud service is something you want.


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