Ask about Suspected proxy server

I have IP address
During the test, the following information is obtained
Is this really from google?
This IP. What do proxies do?
why in the log server log this IP visited my website.
Do I need to block this IP?
please just me thank you very much.

Yes. That IP is allocated to Google.

TL;DR version: They forward requests for users who are behind them.

A more detailed explanation:

An connection was made to your site from an origin that was behind that proxy.

Probably not, but you haven’t provided any context as to why you are considering such action. What was the nature of the request? If it was malicious, what is the ratio of benign traffic from that IP and subnet?


I’m having a lot of spikes in this IP. I’m looking at all IPs for the best resolution.

do you mean google or google bot?
if u just only want to allow google crawl see this googlebot ip address list and create firewall at cf. better check at google developer for the list of ip address

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thanks @Bali200 so much.

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