Ask about some cloudflare options

I’m using cloudflare professional
my site is
made on Prestasop 1.7.6

I need some infos to add new features

  • can I active HTTP/3 (with QUIC) ? are there some compatibility problems with browsers or other possible problems?
  • to active the format WebP I need to active the option in the section Speed - Optimization - Polish - WebP. can I active it?
  • I need to understand a thing, in other cdn like bunnycdn to use it I need to add their url inside prestashop in the media server section, than all images will have a different domain. With cloudflare this solution is not necessary because I change the ip in the dns section?

thanks for support

if I add a cdn in prestashop, can it be usefull or not?

  1. You can enable HTTP/3, then browsers that are compatible will use it. If they’re not compatible, then they won’t use it.
  2. You can certainly activate Polish and WebP if you’re on a Paid Plan. It will optimize images that can benefit from it.
  3. You really don’t need BunnyCDN if you’re using Cloudflare, but you’re welcome to use a a third-party CDN subdomain if you’d like.

thanks for your infos
the webp images will be downloaded from cloudflare?

http/3 activated

activated also the webp format and push on purge everything, but I continue to see jpg format.
is it necessary to do something else?

WebP won’t change the file extension. It just changes the filetype. That’s if WebP would be a smaller file than JPG. What’s the URL?

I’ve already enabled webp using the pagespeed mod of php in another site and the extension become .webp in this case is the same

A few of them came out as WebP:

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