Ask about free packge but install ssl other


I use free packages.

If I buy an external ssl to install in Cloudflare

will support all browsers the same as the Pro package?

The “browser support” note references how the certificate is issued. If you use the free SSL, your domain will appear in the SAN (Subject Alternative Name) field, which is supported with almost all browsers that were updated within the last 5 years.

Buying a certificate from Cloudflare will put your domain in the “subject” field, meaning even very old browsers that don’t support SAN will not show an insecure error message.

In general browser support shouldn’t be a consideration if your customers aren’t using IE8 or a very old browser. The main thing to consider is your certificate not being shared across other CF customers’ websites and your domain being the main domain shown on the certificate.


Free ssl:

Custom/paid SSL:

Both will work almost all the time without any insecure errors.

Note: Uploading your own SSL from a different provider will require you purchase the Business or Enterprise plan. If you want to stay on the free plan, you’ll need to purchase the Cloudflare-issued SSL.

if buy package $5 will support all browsers ?

Yes, paid will support all browsers.

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