Ask about Cloudflare for SaaS hostname

My CL account has 1 website domain.
I’m trying to enable Cloudflare for SaaS for it.
I read the documentation on how to charge is:
100 Custom Hostnames = $0.00
$0.10 / month per additional Custom Hostname = $0.00
I do not understand exactly what Hostname means specifically?
Does my webiste domain count as 1 Hostname.
And pages that refer to my webiste such as google,com, baidu,com, bing,com … are counted as Hostname or not?
Do subdomains count as Hostname?
Are the forum pages I put backlinks pointing to as Hostname or not?
I would like to understand more specific Hostname definition for the above fee schedule.
Please guide me thanks a lot.

What are you attempting to do that you believe you need this feature?


Thank you very much for your reply.
I’m not sure. Because cloudflare has too many features.
As I read, SaaS can strengthen against DDOS and bad bots.
Can you tell me more about SaaS?
Thank you very much.

Cloudflare for SaaS is intended for providers who host content for other domains to serve that solution through Cloudflare. Unless you are building a SaaS platform for your customers it is unlikely to be a feature a single site owner would need.


Thank you for your reply.
I want to better understand CL SaaS myself.
As you explained.
Then if I have a webiste that is hosting content or movies.
Then I added different domains.
I can use CL SaaS to extract content or movies from my hosting website for different domains.
Without the need to repost content or movies to those domains.
That’s exactly the use of SaaS, isn’t it?

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