Asian visitors Can't access my digitalocean droplet

I just created Poland droplet in digitalocean, and then move the website to this new droplet.

After waiting about 48 hours for nameservers change, I (live in Indonesia) can’t open my website.

I checked google analytic, I lost most of my asian visitors. Most of them is SEA visitors.

But, EUR and US visitors are OK. They still can access the website.

I also tried to access the website using US RDP, it’s accessible.
But not using my country internet.

Is there any solution for me? Or should I create new droplet on other country?

Whats the domain?

The website url is

Can you post a screenshot of the error you get?

The site seems to resolve fine.

Also, what is the output when you run these commands from your Indonesian connection?


If I used vpn or US RDP it’s looks fine.
But when I tried to open with my country internet connection, it’s showing error like the image.

Have you made sure there is nothing blocking these connections on your server?

this is error when I tried to access using opera asia vpn.

the digitalocean droplet is new.
DigitalOcean Droplet, Poland location.
I didn’t make any change after installed plesk droplet settings or firewall.

In that case I’d open a support ticket and include the two connection IDs


Support should be able to tell what went wrong. Cloudflare cant connect, whether that is because of an issue on Cloudflare’s side or on your side is the thing to be determined.

oh sorry,
my droplet location is Amsterdam.
not Poland.

Droplet IP is

I mixed with my ovh vps.

thank you very much for the help