AS0 Reserved ASN appearing in logs

Just been checking some logs and am seeing hundreds of entries for attacks from IP which is resolving to AS0, a reserved ASN but also appears to be a DigitalOcean IP
I’m assuming I’m missing something here but is this correct: a reserved ASN IP being used?

Is this happening in Firewall Analytics? If so, could you please raise a support ticket with timestamps and rayIDs so that we could narrow down the root cause?

I’m been seeing them regularly but partcularly noticed them in the analystics I’m doing on my Siteground logs, strangely they havent been back, so far, today, as I downloaded and processed the Siteground logs today this morning but was seeing the same AS0 in CloudFlare Firewall Overview where I first noticed it

They will probably be back soon so as soon as they come back I’ll get the info from the CloudFlare Firewall Overview and raise a ticket

I’ve seen against 20+ sites in the last month - same two IP’s attacking most mornings and afternoons

Raised a ticked, waited a few days, got a message back saying it was “solved”: thats it, no details, nothing appears to have been answered, just closed as “solved”

Update: Support now looking into the issue