As of yesterday, one of our sub domains working at Cloudflare for 2 years cannot be accessed from Turkey!

We have been running our platform over Cloudflare for the past 2 years and from yesterday we are facing an issue that one of our sub domains is not accessible from Turkey.

Any help in resolving this will be helpful ?

  1. Is this subdomain accessible from elsewhere (outside Turkey)?

  2. Temporarily disable Cloudflare proxy for this subdomain (ie put it in DNS-only or :grey: mode). Is the subdomain accessible now?


  1. Yes. For example, it can be accessed from India.

  2. Currently set to DNS only. So, it was configured like this.

In DNS-Only mode, Cloudflare will only be resolving the subdomain to the configured IP address or hostname – no other Cloudflare features are applied. So whatever is preventing the access from Turkey is likely happening at the origin server, and not at Cloudflare.

  1. What happens when you ping the subdomain (from Turkey)? Are you able to get it to resolve to an IP address?

  2. Are you able to access the root domain from Turkey?

Hi George,

DNS Only mode is technically just like you said.

There are 3 main voice and data operators in Turkey. As a result of our tests with cURL for each them we noticed that only one of them can access to the platform.

Our data collection network was also using the network of an operator which one of them could not be accessed to the platform.

The interesting thing the problem which started the previous day, ended on it self after about 24 hours.

It is very complicated.

Thank you for your interesting.

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