As a Stream customer can we just set Cloudflare to cache our already embedded video files

It looks like Cloudflare Stream requires us to upload each video, then embed through an iFrame. (Or with the Wordpress plugin we can save a few steps, but it’s still an iFrame)

Is there a way to configure Cloudflare Stream so that it simply recognizes the self-hosted videos on our site, caches them, and serves them from cache? Like it does other assets on pages: images, JS files and stylesheets?

That might be simpler. It would allow us to upload videos directly on our webhost like we do images, embed through a video tag, and not use an iFrame.

Cloudflare Stream Delivery is different to Cloudflare Stream. You will need to contact sales to find out more.


Thanks for the recommendation. The Cloudflare Stream Delivery feature seems to be only on Enterprise plans that start at $5,000 / month according to a sales rep that spoke with us. But maybe we misunderstand.

Sounds about right. I don’t think that Cloudflare want to be in the large scale video delivery business.

There are lots and lots of people who offer that service, and it is a race to the bottom on pricing, with a very different infrastructure footprint to what Cloudflare generally do.