Aruba third level & DNS

I bought a third level with aruba. I have all the domains already registered on Cloduflare. With the others I haven’t had any problems with this last one instead Aruba claims that there is some error on the Cloudflare side because I can’t display the site and therefore load the apps I need. Do you have any suggestions?

Does this mean that your domain is not directly under a public suffix?

For reference, would be directly under the public suffix of com. where is not. You will not be able to add such a domain under a traditional full setup.

If that is not what you mean, can you please provide a more detailed explanation with examples?

So the third level tecnologia . example. com (as sport, spettacolo and so on) is doing correctly. The usa2024 . example .com the provider says that is a problem from Cloudflare but they have both the correct setup… This one is a news one. The other are from last year…

I used to illustrate the difference between a second level and third level domain. I need you to answer the question with your real domain name if you want more specific guidance than i already offered.

The domain is periodicodail DOT com. And it is working correctly
The third levels spettacolo DOT periodicodaily DOT com, sport DOT periodicodaily DOT com and tecnologia DOT periodicodaily DOT com are all working correctly.
In the same way we add usa2024 DOT periodicodaily DOT com but this one does not work.
The provider said that is a Cloudflare problem but from the platform it seems all ok …

It appears that your question may actually be about the message: redirected you too many times.

Have you searched for ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS? There is a Community #tutorial that explains ways to fix that.

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