Aruba NameServer Record

I have a quite urgent matter as my site is completely down.
I just changed the NameServer Record in Aruba DNS using the 2 supplied by Cloudflare without inserting the IP addresses (24h ago I tried also that way but it didn’t work and then I was obliged to restore Aruba default NameServer).
I already checked in Aruba settings and both servers have been saved correctly.
Apparently Cloudflare overview in dashboard is telling me everything is ok but actually it doesn’t work at all.
Aruba support tells me it’s fully a matter of Cloudflare and I need to sort the issue out very quickly.
The Nameserver change has been applied almost 2 hours ago and by that time my site is down.
Is there someone that can help me?
What can I do?
Thank you

What’s the domain?

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Resolves and loads fine for me

Hello Sandro,
thank you for your support.
I confirm it resolves correctly.
Actually, if this can help someone else, it was just a matter to wait.
Approximately it took 3 hours to get the Nameserver change to work.
Thank you for great response

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