Artstation-powered website certificate issue

Hi guys,

I use Artstation Pro for my website and it seems to have a certificate issue (ERR_CERT_AUTHORITY_INVALID).
The domain and SSL aspects are automatically taken care by Artstation and I didn’t have to set anything, but since a couple of days no one can access my website. I’ve done a test online to see about the certificate and it is a CloudFlare Origin Certificate and seems to be valid regarding the dates, but is “not trusted”. So I was wondering what could cause the issue and if I could do something about it, knowing that I don’t have access to the SSL parameters with Artstation?

I’ve contacted their support but they are known to take ages to reply and I just recently sent loads of applications with an url that points to a website that doesn’t work…So I’m trying here

Thanks to anyone that reads me and can advise a lost soul

Hi @adriencourouble,

I’m going to guess that your site is your username here .com as that has the issue you describe.

There is indeed a Cloudflare Origin Certificate there. Do you have your domain set up with Cloudflare at all or does your provider handle everything?

Cloudflare’s Origin certs are not publicly valid, and only work when the site is proxied through Cloudflare. That domain isn’t using Cloudflare DNS so I’m not sure why they are using an Origin Cert. Checking certificate transparency logs, I see that your domain did have a Let’s Encrypt certificate issued which would work, however that expired two days ago. Is that when they started presenting the Cloudflare origin cert?

I’m afraid we cannot really help here unless you manage your own domain through Cloudflare, this is something your provider will need to fix.

Hi @domjh

Thanks a lot for your quick reply! Yes it is the website you mention and everything is handled by Artstation and I don’t have any control regarding certificates. I started to have this issue 2 days ago so I assume it is linked to that change of certificate you mentionned.

Thanks again for your help, at least I know the problem comes from them now

No problem, sorry we can’t help further.

I’m not sure why they switched over ro Origin Certificates, given that the site doesn’t use Cloudflare.

Yes, that ties in with the expiry of your previous certificate, I would imagine that the provider just needs to renew that Let’s Encrypt cert.

I’ve contacted them again with the informations you gave me. I hope they will fix it soon!

Thanks for your help sir

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