****.art is not a registered domain


I’m trying to add my site to cloudflare and it has the form ****.art.

I’m getting the message is not a registered domain. Is it because it’s a .art one and cloudflare doesn’t support it?

Is there anything else i can do to add the websiteto cloudflare?

Thank you.

what is your full domain name , I will check wether it’s registered and verified or not

What does that mean?

domain verification means that the client has verified his contact details like -
name, email, address, phone no. etc. these details are stored in the WHOIS database and is used for domain propagation

That’s solely something the registrar will ask you to do, on behalf of the registry, and is not related to DNS or setting it up on Cloudflare.

Yeah! that’s what I am saying @sandro
If the domain verification is not complete then the domain won’t be accepted globally.

and if the domain is not accepted globally then @accounts116 won’t be able to add it to cloudflare

Again, there is no such thing and that’s something only the registrar will handle. Once the domain is registered and properly configured it will work with Cloudflare. There’s no verification.

@sandro I think you are new to this industry.
The registrar will not be able to properly configure the domain unless the domain verification process is not complete.

No, I am not new :wink:

The OP will have a misconfigured domain and that’s it. There’s no verification at all involved. The topic has been discussed endlessly.

Oh, @sandro then tell me that why does every registrar ask us to fill in our name. email, phone no. , address, etc WHY? that’s because it’s needed for domain verification, and I am afraid that I won’t be able to explain more

That is is about the registration and is - as already mentioned - completely unrelated to the topic at hand.

Unless you are suggesting the OP got his domain suspended by the registrar, but that’s a whole different story and almost never the case in this context.

@accounts116, I would suggest you use the search as there are gazillions of threads about that topic and your domain won’t be configured properly.

@accounts116 there is another reason that Cloudflare doesn’t accept the domain, that’s when the domain doesn’t have its default nameservers.
Pls, tell me your domain name, so that I can check it’s registered and verified properly.

Again, that does not exist and is irrelevant in this context.

@sandro I think you are misguiding everyone.

You are using terms which do not exist in the context of Cloudflare, respectively are irrelevant.

Everything that needs to be said, was already mentioned at ****.art is not a registered domain - #14 by sandro

The OP knows what to do.

@sandro is not, but you certainly are adding to the users confusion.

The normal issues that cause that error message are:

  1. Domain is not actually registered
  2. User enters a URL, not a domain name (https://example.com)
  3. Domain does not appear in the Public Suffix List (subdomain.example.com)
  4. Existing nameservers are not valid.
  5. Nameservers in whois are not valid.

And in nine out of eight cases, that’s the reason.