ARM ---> WARP Support

Again raising the need for a aarch64 (ARM) architecture for WARP Client. With all the macOS devices now ARM solution, if we need to test (Parallels for example) and I install Ubuntu, I need a WARP Client that I can install which isn’t possible considering it is a ARM env.

Please release the binaries or aarch64 for the releases you are already supporting! Something… anything! With move units moving away for the x86 & x64 architucture, this needs some priority or release the binaries and we can do it ourselves.

Not the first request for this. Quite a few people have asked. It would ensure all platforms are supported also.

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Hi @user4069

I suggest that you open a feature request here

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There are already multiple feature requests for this, yet none of them have any responses.

Can anyone provide an actual update on this, please?