Ark Survival evolved Cloudflare issues

I have had trouble connecting to the game for several hours. Never used Cloudflare, can’t handle it. Please help.

Could you kindly explain what you have done, so we know which product it actually is elated to?

  • proxying DNS and since then it does not work to connect to your game server?
  • using and since then your not able to connect?

I have never changed anything in DNS, if I understand correctly what you are asking.

The error screen says Cloudflare may be having issues. In my opinion, that’s not helpful of Ark to do, as their users have no control over this.

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True. Normaly I would say “open a ticket” but apparently I think thats what people which are working on ARK should do, not their users.
So maybe notifying ARK devs/support would be the right approach.

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I did, sent the ticket. I have not received any answer.

Hopefully you sent it to Ark, as Cloudflare does not respond to tickets opened by third parties.

Earlier on this forum someone had a similar problem but did not write how to solve it. That’s why I created this topic.

That other thread pretty much covered it.

I thought maybe someone has a similar problem in recent days. But there is nothing else I can do :frowning: