{ARK Game} Trouble Authenticating (Cloudflare)

Hello there, I am from LATAM and
When i start the game Ark survival evolve I get the following error:

“Request though Cloudflare failed, please check back in a few minutes.”

The same thing happens on my brother’s laptop, I have already restarted the modem 4 times and it remains the same. A few days ago everything worked fine, but according to ark cloudflare changed something and I would like to know how to solve it.

Check the next imagen:

Hi @el.racingetr,

We would need a bit more information to be able to help with this. Are they giving you any more info about it? If it is affecting more users, they may be better contacting Cloudflare themselves to look into it.

In the ark community forum through steam I have read several people with that same error. I would like to know what information you need to start this investigation.

This is just the community forum, so we can help where we can, but don’t have access to Cloudflare’s systems. Cloudflare will only work with the domain owner, so they would need to contact support for more detailed help.

As far as we can help, they are returning their own error message suggesting it’s a Cloudflare issue, we would need to know what they see from Cloudflare that causes them to return that.

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