Aria2 is not available after opening cloudflare

help me
When my website (Aria2) uses cloudflare, Aria2 cannot be authenticated and the aria2 information is correct.
When my website is closed cloudflare, the verification passes.
What is the problem?

I’m not sure I understand was is trying to be authenticated. Is this a TLS/SSL problem? What’s the domain?

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Aria2 is a download manager similar to Wget & cURL. I’m unsure how it stopped functioning when it can be called from Bash, Xterm, etc…

Which protocol are you using with Aria? Cloudflare only lets HTTP/S traffic through.

Do you see anything in the Cloudflare Firewall Events Log?

Aria2 uses the https protocol, I tried to use the http protocol, but still can’t.
Firewall Event log empty.

In addition, I can’t access a port on the server through the domain name that has cloudflare turned on.

It sounds like you can run it from command line, but not from…a plugin? If that’s the case, maybe the plugin author can help figure it out. It could be that the settings for that plugin aren’t the same as the settings for command line.

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