Argo what is it do I need it?

I received an email about ARgo. what is it do I need it?
I’m a commercial artist and using free Cloudflare for a handful of my sites. Speed seems fine for all.

Most likely it was an marketing campaign. You can read more about it, but it sounds like you don’t need it.

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Then you don’t need now.
It is a smart routing service which makes websites faster across the world.

Thanks guys, has anyone done A/B test? If if really was let’s say 30% faster… consistently, it could be worth the extra… $5 month?

Google for Cloudflare argo review. And billing is based on amount of transferred data.

thanks will do, but someone here has experience, please share.

I have been tracking my CF Argo pagespeed metrics since I enabled it on May 14th, 2019 at so you can follow my experience and also get an idea of what metrics you need to be tracking to measure your own improvements :slight_smile:

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