Argo/Warp tunnel routing to internal network

We have an ingress tunnel to our internal network 192.168.x.x which provisions fine.

This allows our end users with the warp client to access our internal network , but only via machine name.

We have internal dns servers, but are unable to use them via the tunnel.

Does anyone know if this is possible, as using support tickets is ending up in a loop of requests.

So, can we query our internal dns servers over a tunnel that exposes our entire subnet. If yes, how?


I don’t think this is currently supported; it’s definitely a feature that’s popular and makes a lot of sense.

As a temporary workaround, you should be able to hop on your Gateway policies, on the teams dashboard, and create DNS override rules. WARP client uses Cloudflare’s DNS, and will consider those, so you should be able to override any arbitrary domain name to the private IPs under your 192.168.x.x space, and essentially mimic your private DNS through that.

I’ve kind of ‘bodged’ my way round it as you have suggested, but this does involve adding static records for all hosts required to be accessed from outside our offices.

I can’t even use nslookup and point at our internal server ip to resolve - so however you are creating these tunnels does seem to stop this use case.

Which is a shame, as its a superb product!

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