Argo usage

So I just got my latest bill from Cloudflare and compared to the previous months, the amount of Argo usage is huge. It was always around 2 GB. But the latest month it was 2TB. However, the overview page shows only 12 GB were served.

How can this even be?

That’s a lot of sudden requests, is that expected? Did you open a ticket? What package are you in? Can you share the domain?

No, all domains except one are protected by access. I use Argo for my Homelab. After I noticed the high usage, I removed all domains except one. grafana.damn li

Sadly the images you linked do not count for data received just sent, but argo charges for both. can you show argo dashboard? It will show the useage.

I do not know why cf just put overall data both ways on main page, shrug.

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