Argo usage went up 1,000% in a month?

I’ve had Argo on all my sites for over a year. I don’t think I’ve ever even exceeded 1 GB, or if I did by only a small amount.

So I was shocked to see that last month, my usage was 800 GB!!

I requested Cloudflare to explain how this is possible, given that my web traffic hasn’t increased.

I contacted Cloudflare customer service but the lady (Purnima) was less than helpful. Horrible customer serivce. She seemed to be copying and pasting the billing policies, without understanding anything that I was saying.

Sounds like it’s either a Cloudflare billing error or DDOS attack that could possibly have caused that much usage. How do I get an explanation for this?

One possible way this may occur I think is if you setup CF health check and/or any 3rd party health check service which actually inspect the contents of a health check target page’s HTML content to determine if your site is down/up. Now if that HTML page size was like 1MB and you had many geographical regions checking your site and very short intervals i.e. check every 1s or 1 minute, then you’re drive up your overall CF bandwidth usage.

If that is the case, you can pick a different smaller sized HTML page for health check target and/or interval the check interval and/or less geographic testing points.

I recall seeing dramatic reduction in bandwidth when I changed the HTML page for a health check target (with content inspection) to a much smaller size like a few hundred bytes instead of the full HTML page which was at 150KB.

Have you seen corresponding bandwidth increases in your CF Web Traffic Analytics bandwidth tab ? What is CF Web Traffic Analytics bandwidth reporting for the month you saw Argo at 800GB ? Argo counts both in/out (upload/download) bandwidth though ( so would report higher than CF Web Traffic Analytics which only reports out.