Argo usage higher than total data served

It appears that our Argo traffic is incorrectly calculated.
The invoice for last 30 days shows:

Whereas, when I go to the Overview tab I see for last 30 days, Total data served:

How is it possible?
Our upload is almost non-existing, so that should not be the case.

Hi @werecruitprofis,

Please open a Support Billing ticket to dispute/check these charges.
Community would not be able to assist on this.

Thank you.

Hi oshariff,

I opened the ticket and apparently the Analytics is completely unrelated to Argo usage.
This seems a bit off, because how can I verify if Argo usage was calculated correctly?

Hi. @werecruitprofis,

Please follow up with the dispute in the Billing ticket.
That would be the correct channel for your current query in general.

This could be a potential feedback for the Argo product usage.
Kindly raise this via the Community Feedback channel for the Product Team for considerations.

Thank you.