Argo Usage Billing Notification definition of "bytes"


I contacted CF support and I have not heard back from them in quite a while. I feel like there might be a bug in my billing notification in regards to the Argo usage notification.

CF support stated I need to treat it as gigabytes, which I have done that to no prevail.

The documentation states gigabytes but the actual notification just says bytes. I set it to 5 and the only notification I get is one a month stating I have exceeded 0.00GB no matter what number I seem to put.

It is supposed to be a daily notification if the threshold is met from what I am aware of.

I opened a thread here - Argo Billing Usage Notification "Notify when total bytes of traffic exceeds" - #13 - and I believe either I am doing something completely wrong or it may be bug related?

The CF support ticket is ticket #2280118

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Oh…yes, it’s just bytes. You’re going to have to put the big number in there.

I can see in the docs that the screenshot doesn’t match the current form:

I know it’s the weekend, but I’ll just leave this little gift for @kody when he gets in tomorrow.


Hopefully this wasn’t forgotten about? Is there a status update?

Not since we covered this last month:

Are they going to fix this? I set it to 5 billion a couple of days ago for 5 GB and still never received a notification.

As a matter of fact, I have never received a Rate Limit notification either. I then lowered it and nothing.

Are Cloudflare’s notifications working? Or is this specific to my account?

Hi @Terms_G,

This issue has previously been reported and is being worked on by our engineering team.


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