Argo Tunnels : Unauthorized: Record for tunnel not found

I added a new Teams Application, Argo Tunnel, and corresponding CNAME DNS entry per the instructions in the tutorials.

In the “CloudFlare for Teams” web site (, under Access->Teams, my tunnel is listed with corresponding UUID, route, and created date.

On my server, the “cloudflared tunnel list” shows my tunnel, "cloudflare tunnel info and " both return saying that the tunnel has no connections but positively finding the tunnel.

However, the command “cloudflare tunnel run” (interactively) results in a log message:
ERR Register tunnel error from server side error=“Unauthorized: Record for tunnel not found” connIndex=0

I’ve waited a number of minutes, retried, doesn’t seem to be a timing thing.

Any tips appreciated, thank you.

It was a timing thing after all. Seems waiting 30 minutes was the trick.