Argo Tunnels on AWS with Docker

Trying to set up an Argo tunnel on AWS with the cloudflared Docker container. The reason I am using a container is that for some reason, cloudflared doesn’t compile on my free tier Linux AMI which is a bit strange but make produces ‘OS not supported’.
Anyway, using the container I can do a docker run tunnel login which I do using ssh on my local machine.
I then copied the url to a browser on my local machine and stop the container which causes the cert.pem to be downloaded to my local machine which I then scp to my ec2 instance.
I then try to run any cloudflared command with the container and I get a no file cert.pem
Here is the complete message:

INFO[2021-04-16T20:21:17Z] Cannot determine default origin certificate path. No file cert.pem in [~/.cloudflared ~/.cloudflare-warp ~/cloudflare-warp /etc/cloudflared /usr/local/etc/cloudflared]
ERROR[2021-04-16T20:21:17Z] You need to specify the origin certificate path by specifying the origincert option in the configuration file, or set TUNNEL_ORIGIN_CERT environment variable. See for more information.
Error locating origin cert: Client didn’t specify origincert path

I tried specifying origincert in the config.yml but that didn’t work.
Maybe I need to copy the cert.pem inside the container?

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