Argo Tunnels not listed in web portal any longer

We have used Argo for several years and with previous deployments the established tunnels could be viewed on the the Web Portal under the Traffic tab, Argo Tunnel. I just deployed the new installation where the tunnel is pre-build via the Cloudflared tunnel create command and then the origin establish a link to it via the tunnel run command. I can list the pre-build tunnels via the Cloudflared Tunnel list command and it show all pre-build tunnels and which are connected, but on the Web portal they no longer show up. Is this by design or a bug?

Let’s just call it “design.” I’m pretty sure it’s new architecture that is no longer tied to a specific zone. As far as I can tell, there’s nothing in the dashboard for what’s now called “Cloudflare Tunnel.” It’s all from the command line with cloudflared.

Digging around, the only thing I found is under My Profile in the dashboard. But it’s not very informative:

That is an interesting find. I will review my profile.

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