Argo Tunnels not coming up after changing accounts

I moved a domain from one account to another, logged in with Cloudflared again to update the cert, but now the tunnels are not coming up anymore:

ERRO[0005] Register tunnel error from server side connectionID=0 error=“Server error: Current state ownership is 11347827:397e0c5436dd4fa72910b6bc9757ce6d while desired state owership is 13848116:b2df657c5d0fe07a8884fe5812efa236”

Works fine if I try to use a subdomain that is unused, only the ones that were up in the old account are causing issues. Anything I can do here?

Is the new zone active on Cloudflare?

Yes, everything else is working fine.

Luckily I found a quick workaround until this is solved: I started the tunnels with unused hostnames and then just added CNAME entries with the old ones pointing to the same * domains, works for now.

Looks like the old tunnels timed out and I can use the original names again.