Argo Tunnel + Wordpress = 400 Bad Request errors on POST to wp-admin/admin-ajax.php


I’m trying this with an instance of WordPress via AWS Lightsail, so it should be pretty easy to reproduce if someone wants to try who has an AWS account. The $5 tier is free for the first month.

I’m running into a multiple issues, meaning that setup is nowhere near as easy as the sparse instructions suggest. At the moment, the worst offender is that POST to /wp-admin/admin-ajax.php fails with a 400 Bad Request when no data is passed along with the URL. That of course means that things like plugins break, and even creating and publishing a new post breaks, making Argo Tunnel a non-starter. All of the WP installation features work just fine when outside the tunnel. Anyone have thoughts about this, or how to fix it? If this isn’t fixable my other issues aren’t really relevant.

The only way I’ve had the tunnel even half-way work is with the following config.yml file:

url: http://localhost:80

Thank you in advance to anyone who has thoughts about this.



Can you send the hostname you’re using to [email protected]? To confirm, you’re running cloudflared on an AWS instance you launched through Lightsail. If you curl localhost:80, you’re able to navigate the blog but you’re seeing issues when trying to POST through the tunnel. Correct?