Argo tunnel that points to my domain.

Is it possible to create an argo tcp tunnel that points to my domain? For example: “”. I don’t know if it’s possible and I need some help to create a tunnel.
I have a game server that I need to expose to the internet using the argo tunnel and so I wanted to point the argo tunnel to my domain(Minecraft).

É possível criar um túnel argo tcp que aponte para para meu domínio? Por exemplo: “”. Eu não sei se é possível e preciso de certa ajuda para criar um túnel.
Tenho um servidor de jogo que preciso expor para a internet usando o túnel argo e por isso queria apontar o túnel argo para meu domínio(Minecraft).

Arbitrary TCP origins must be accessed either by:

  1. using cloudflared access on the client side — see for an example of accessing a k8s api, i.e. an arbitrary TCP origin
  2. or by using WARP and routing traffic to your private TCP origin — see

Option 2 is more transparent and probably the recommended to use these days.

Hi Nuno. With these methods, could I open the local host to the Internet? My local network has NAT blocking. Even if I open the doors, they will remain closed.
Tried other tunnel services but needed to point to my domain.

Olá Nuno. Com esses métodos, eu poderia abrir o host local para a Internet? Minha rede local tem bloqueio de NAT. Mesmo se eu abrir as portas, elas permanecerão fechadas.
Testei outros serviços de túnel mas precisada apontar para meu dominio.

Neither of those methods requires opening any inbound port.
They only requiring opening a couple outbound ports for cloudflared to connect to our edge:


nuno sorry, I can not add a card in teams

What do you mean with “add a card in teams”?

Credit card is required to access the team tab.

I can open a lot of things, but others, like access>applications, need a credit card.

Oh ok. But for up to 50 users in the account Teams is free (more details in Billing for Cloudflare for Teams – Cloudflare Help Center), so you can probably put the card, choose the free plan, then even put a Billing limit to make sure you won’t get charged unexpectedly and it’ll be good.

I have that for my personal account and I’m using all those services for free.

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