Argo tunnel stopped working

After about a month of using cloudflare/cloudflared:2021.12.1 it stopped working. I didn’t see any errors in the output. Upgraded to the most recent tag and started a new container which fixed the issue.
In the configuration, we use no-autoupdate: true. Could it be that 2021.12.1 had a critical bug and got blocked by the server side?
How to prevent this from happening in the future?

I vaguely remember hearing about some good reason to update. I’m not seeing anything in the release notes, except for your version’s Revert, that jumps out at me.

Let’s hope that this will not repeat. We are using Kubernetes, is it possible to health check cloudflared?

With the new version, I am getting this each minute:
Serve tunnel error error="connection with edge closed" connIndex=3
Is it normal?