Argo Tunnel start fails - DNS error


It looks like cannot be resolved:

WARN[0000] Cannot determine default configuration path. No file [config.yml config.yaml] in [~/.Cloudflared ~/.Cloudflare-warp ~/Cloudflare-warp /usr/local/etc/Cloudflared /etc/Cloudflared] 
INFO[0000] Build info: {GoOS:linux GoVersion:go1.11.5 GoArch:amd64} 
INFO[0000] Version 2019.2.1                             
INFO[0000] Flags map[]            
INFO[0000] Cloudflared will not automatically update when run from the shell. To enable auto-updates, run Cloudflared as a service: 
INFO[0000] Proxying tunnel requests to http://localhost:8443 
INFO[0000] Starting metrics server                       addr=""
INFO[0000] ResolveEdgeIPs err                           
ERRO[0000] Quitting due to error                         error="lookup on cannot unmarshal DNS message"
INFO[0000] Metrics server stopped

My network is using Online lookups work at some degree.

It is Go bug. Waiting for a fix.

Thanks. I will watch this issue.

Issue fixed. Update Cloudflared required to 2019.3.0