Argo tunnel redirect to root domain after enabling Cloudflare Access

Hi Support,

I was having trouble trying to figure out what was the problem with Argo tunnel suddenly stop working. To give you some context, I’ve been running Argo tunnel on my company’s account for like months without any issue now, but since I started trying to set up Cloudflare Access today, which is the exact timing that this problem happened. After enabling Cloudflare for team on the free plan. All domains that uses cloudflare tunnel started to redirect to my main domain instead, in this case,

Let’s say that my application is on I was able to use this domain just before I enable the Cloudflare for team plan. After than always redirect to I didn’t change any DNS, but after the problem happened I tried messing around with the DNS settings a bit but could figured out what was the problem.

Hope you can help me troubleshoot this

Thank you in advance.

To anyone who might have come across this. It just resolved itself, without me intervening at all. I think there was something going on on Cloudflare’s side. But everything works as it should now. Luckily for me, I wasn’t exposing any customer-facing application so, the impact was minimal, but I could imagine people hosting customer-facing applications might have been affected by this behavior more severely.

After a bit more testing. I got some interesting results.

On my company account which enables Cloudflare for team after setting up Argo tunnel
It seems like Argo tunnel will redirect any broken tunnel to the root URL. e.g. if my web server behind the tunnel isn’t up then visit will redirect to, but if the server is up visiting will show the internal web server correct. This only happens to me just today after enabling the Cloudflare for team.

On my personal account which enables Cloudflare for team before setting up Argo tunnel
if my web server behind the tunnel isn’t up then visit will show the tunnel page that says

Error 1033
Argo Tunnel error

The behaviors are vastly different. I’m not sure if this is something that happens to users that enable Cloudflare for team recently or not. I hope someone can help me with this still.

To anyone that might have come across this problem, too. It seemed that it fixed itself already. I haven’t accessed my application behind the Cloudflare tunnel until today, but it seemed it already fixed itself.

I think this is just an intermittent issue, but when while the problem persisted it was really frustrating.

Anyways, thanks it all working fine now.