Argo Tunnel RDP Poor Quality

We noticed with a new RDP over Argo Tunnel deployment that the RDP performance & quality was noticeably worse and had significant lag compared to the same RDP connection over a standard internet connection targeting the same RDP host. Note: the same internet connection is used to transport Argo Tunnel. It was only by lowering the RDP connection quality settings on the client side that the RDP experience was more useable while connecting through Argo Tunnel. I was wondering if there was anything I could set up on the RDP host side that would make the connections over Argo Tunnel have the same out-of-the-box quality levels as a standard internet connection? Thank you!

Hi @kellen, sorry for the bad experience, certainly we are here to try and make it better.

Do you have any logs and other details that you can share with us?

Can you share with us more details here, how did you compare the connections, it would be great here to have some traceroutes running from both side, so we can see the response.

If you have opened any recent ticket with us, so I can check your zone and account ID that would be great, if there is any ticket feel free to share the number here, if there isn’t please create a new ticket and send it to [email protected], make sure to send it with the same email that you own your Cloudflare account.

in general if you haven’t read the docs I suggest having a look

Thanks Stefano - I will create the ticket and provide logs hopefully by the end of the day. It’s odd because RDP and VNC work great when linux is the host (both from linux and windows client), however from a Windows host it’s significantly laggy / poor quality. I believe we used the same settings per connection besides the hostname of course.

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