Argo Tunnel Questions***Need Direct IP Access***


After doing some research on the internet for direct IP access to my VPS, I was informed to use ARGO tunnel. So, I signed up for this service, after I installed everything, it still will not allow me to access my VPS using an IP. What do I need to do in order to get this function to run properly? I have a client & Listener that I want to proxy through.



I’m not following. Do you currently not have access to your VPS and are trying to get the IP address for it? Or are you looking for CF to proxy it and you need an IP?

Im sorry Im not sure how else to explain this? Ive got a C++ client connecting directly to a C-sharp TCP listener. What I want to do is funnel connection from my C++ client through Argo Tunnel to my listener. So instead of connecting my client directly to my VPS, it will go through ARGO/Cloudflare first then forward onto my VPS. If this explanation doesnt make since, Im not sure how else to explain.

Ah, you’re looking to proxy a regular TCP connection that’s not HTTPS. Currently Cloudflare Spectrum does this for Minecraft & SSH TCP connections, however, proxying any TCP protocol requires the Enterprise plan. Your use case currently doesn’t work with CF on the pay-as-you-go plans.

This should work and explain to you how to use Cloudflare Tunnel for an arbitrary TCP port.

Why that isn’t availabe under the Cloudflare Tunnel docs is a mystery to me. @SamRhea, @cloonan can you let the right people know?

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We’re consolidating them into one section soon; stay tuned.


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