Argo tunnel permissions

How can I do for not allowing the deletion of some tunnels?

The thing is that if I login to argo with cloudflared tunnel login from one PC, I am able to delete all other tunnels created in other PCs or servers.
Is it possible to disallow this?

I also know that is posible to run a tunnel only with the tunnel credential file without sharing the cert.pem file, but this didn’t works for me in windows

Hello @javier6 ,

If you can do cloudflared tunnel login then you are effectively an administrator for the tunnels and can delete them. That is expected and there is currently no way to limit that.

The recommended way, as you said yourself, is to run tunnels with the JSON credential file (that serves exactly that purpose). It works in every OS, including Windows.
You can see in this tutorial an example that sets up a Named Tunnel to run with just the credentials file:

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