Argo Tunnel Origin Down Response Code mismatch error


I am running Argo Ingress container in my kubernetes cluster ( using the argo-ingress-0.5.0 helm chart. Everything has been working fine for several days but this morning I received an email alert indicating that the tunnel was down due to a response code mismatch error

Wed, 15 Aug 2018 19:08:35 UTC | DOWN | Origin 0-w4c2kltxhfkftr5k from Pool | Response code mismatch error

This is the second time i have come across this error and previously I ended up deleting and recreating the tunnel. We are currently running this in our staging environment but we are very hesitant in pushing this to production.

How can we debug this issue?


I have just redeployed using v0.5.2 and it has fixed the issue


The issue was resolved after i redeployed the tunnel