Argo Tunnel only for subdomain

I have a site that I want to use argo tunnel to expose some internal dashboards, but I don’t want to use the argo smart routing for the main subdomain’s data. Is there a way to configure this?

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:+1: A feature requested by other users.
So far Argo/Tunnel is on a domain basis, all or nothing.

This is :birthday: #BirthdayWeek for Cloudflare maybe they might announce something related:

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  • Thursday - A new service!
  • Friday - A new product!

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I just want to make sure I understand.

If I have a Cloudflare site, which has a primary domain:
And it has page rules and caching and routing through Cloudflare.

Now I add argo tunnel with the intention to use it only on:
The argo tunnel will claim the entire root domain?

So far that seems to be the case. As soon as I run Cloudflared, it allows only choosing root domain, which of course then takes claim over all traffic. Meaning none of the page rules, none of the caching, and none of normal Cloudflare setup works at all.

Is this really the way argo tunnel works?
You can’t use argo for a subdomain at all? It takes control over the entire domain, sub or not?

So what, I would need to run some kind of reverse proxy on my target argo tunnel (Cloudflared) host to detect which domain or cname it’s running on?

Doesn’t seem right. I mean for their traffic-based billing it makes total sense, but from a technical perspective this seems way off kilter. It effectively destroys all [A] records and demands the root domain be the tunneled-provider for all CNAME aliases of subdomains, which goes against pretty much any website design ever.