Argo Tunnel on Windows Clean Shutdown


I have a set of Argo Tunnel services running in a pool and nearly everything works (save what I think is a cookie-related issue and still working on health checks). However, when I stop one of the services, I’ll receive 404 and/or 503 responses for up to 5 minutes on the host that shut down. Is there a way to prevent this?


You have multiple tunnels in an LB pool and you’re seeing 404 & 503’s on a clean shutdown? Load-balancer support is still in beta, but I’m happy to help debug any issues.

Are you seeing the 404 in the cloudflared log?


I haven’t yet been able to look at our logs, but the errors do happen on clean shutdown. Curiously, the Windows Service stops much quicker than when it’s run at the command prompt. Perhaps it’s closing before it has finished disconnecting when running as a service?


Thanks @michael14, I’ve opened an engineering issue to track there. We’ll take a look.