Argo Tunnel - no cert downloaded by browser


I’ve installed Argo Tunnel and am part way through the setup, I’ve been following this page - On step 3 I’ve opted to login, I don’t have a browser running on the server as it’s command line only so I’ve copied the URL to my browser and selected the domain that I want the tunnel to work for.

The page says that my browser will automatically download the certificate - there are no downloads started by the browser and I can’t see the certificate in my cert store. Am I missing something?

Thanks, Steve.


Hi , Same with us .
Have u got any proceeding in this case?



I ended up running the setup in a Linux vm and then copying the certificate from there. However, we’re looking at uninstalling Argo Tunnel due to instabilities that have impacted our production sites in the last couple of weeks.

Thanks, Steve.